Note on Valentine's 2019 God Provided Yet Another And A Most Outstanding Miracle Regarding Issues Spoken Of Here.  

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   This site discloses amazing issues, which with surprising clarity show that Paul in Corinthians rather than advocating HEAD OR FACE VEILING was advocating liberty and glory with and like the angels, and therewith a covering of longer hair which he declared a glory to woman (1 Cor 11:1-16). In Paul's second letter to the same people he again spoke of liberty and glory, and of Christ taking away the veil, and all coming to God with an open face, and taking on His glory and going from glory to glory (2 Cor 3:10-18)! 

Two Eye opening Videos About Veiling

Video Considers Nine Crucial Issues!  

 Note, the below pages were originally arranged for my close family and acquaintances who

believe head veiling is a vital issue, and who I did not want to offend and yet so much wished would read and consider the  things I learned and miracles I experienced on the subject.

This Page Largely Clarifies The Above Page.  The Further Below Pages Share Shocking Related Issues!

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Hundreds of verses using the Greek word anti obviously meaning instead of.  

The Crooked Fence That Looks Straight.

Are Our Religious Fences Straight In God's Eyes And Looking From Above Or Just From Our Point Of View?  Click For Large View!

Note God Provided Another And Possibly The  Greatest Miracle On The Subject At Valentines 2019.  See for more.  

If all the above does not convince the reader, and they will still rather defend anti glory veiling traditions, 

may the above at least cause every reader to be less harsh against and  judgmental toward the many Christians who do believe that longer hair  is the glorious covering Paul was advocating.

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